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MADE Worldwide Rebrand, New Website & Blog


Back in October, Ashley & Danielle (Directors of MADE Worldwide) decided the branding and website needed a refresh to better reflect the direction the business is taking.

Here, we'll have a quick look at the main changes that you'll come across, starting with the new shiney branding.



Like with many new branding projects, we started with the colour palette.

Our main priorities were to ensure we chose colours that clean and professional. Going down an almost entirely monochrome route keeps the brand bold and sleek, with the occasional blue highlight for CTAs as a hint back to our marine background.

When it came to the logo, we wanted something modern, clean and premium, and clearly linked back to the AV background of the company.

Above: Our new logo

Taking cues from audio equalisers and sound waves, the logo we created consisted of an 'M' in a graphic equaliser style. This gives a fresh and modern style to the brand, and allows for creative and interactive animation when we came to build the new website.

Choosing a clean, serif font ensures the overall look isn't fussy, and reflects the sleek and precise nature of the AVIT solutions MADE Worldwide are known for.



The new site needed to communicate the solutions and expertise that MADE offer, covering the growth into new industries, as well as allow for future expansion into new areas.

This meant developing an improved nav that we could build upon, which is simple and makes it easy to find the information you need.

We also wanted to illustrate the technical capabilities of the business through the website itself by adding some visually impressive elements.

Through simple animation and using the new branding in a creative way, we now have a more interactive yet simple and clear site for our customers to use:

Above: Example of parallax scrolling effects that feature across the site



Changing the site from one single scrolling page to a multi-page not only gives us more opportunities to shout about the great work MADE Worldwide do, and make it more likely to be found through improved SEO, but it also means we've added a Blog!

Here you'll be able to read all of the great things everyone in the company is up to, with each of us writing features and sharing this across LinkedIn and social media.


We hope you like our fresh rebrand, and the new website.

We will continue to develop the site and will be posting regular blogs - so please check back for exciting updates about the latest developments in AVIT.

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